About Vivid Cascade


Vivid Cascade Mission & Team

Resilient and focused, Vivid Cascade evolved from a small team engaged in the greater community effort. We are inspired by challenges in a dynamic world, and we strive to think beyond balance sheets, and opportunities. Company culture is the core of our success. 


Vivid Cascade Vision & Passion

We have listened to people's concerns over the last year, and our endeavour is built on a compassion. 

We believe face - to - face communication is a quintessential human experience. It enables us to see and interpret body language and facial expressions.

This is especially important for members of our community who may find the breathability, clarity, and comfort of Vivid View a viable alternative.

  • Deaf and hard of hearing, who rely on visual cues.
  • Individuals with a hearing aid, as the mask strings are fitted comfortably behind the head, and not looped around the ears.
  • Community members who have difficulty breathing, or experience anxiety in common cloth face masks.
  • Caregivers for those with disabilities if the face covering would hinder the persons accommodation needs. 
  • Gastronomy. Ideal for restaurants and the food service sector while preparing food and servicing clients.
  •  Post office staff will find the convenience of the mask a positive experience for customer service.
  • Hotel staff can present themselves in an elegant fashion while communicating with clients.
  • Educators and speech therapists will reveal their brilliant smile while teaching in a classroom setting.
  • Vivid View is fog resistant and optimal while wearing eye glasses.
  • Any businesses which has a personal customer service component.

As we connect and bond with someone in a conversation we see them smile, laugh, gesture, and otherwise articulate emotions with facial expressions. What could be a more pleasant human experience when conversing with someone than to see these emotions? 

Vivid View combines comfort, practicality and efficiency thanks to it's cutting-edge design. Vivid View's innovative design is capable of protecting the nose and mouth, and extends down below the chin. While wearing the mask, the wearers breath is redirected toward themselves.

This is accomplished with the masks unique wavelike appearance, and position of the mask over the wearers nose and mouth. 

Vivid View is fog resistant and optimal while wearing eye glasses.

Made with food safe PET, Vivid View is 100% recyclable and can be reused many times. Please recycle the mask. In an effort to offset the environmental impact caused by PET products, we are committed to donate CAD $0.10 to a High-Impact Environmental charity for every mask purchase!

We would like to extend a special thank you to our photographer and designers for the amazing insight and services.

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