How do I wear the Vivid View correctly?

  • Hold the mask with both hands.
  • Place the mask over your nose and mouth and pull the strings back over your head.
  • Separate the cords above and below the ears to optimize support of the mask. Cord with the stopper goes below the ears.
  • Adjust the stopper on the string to desired comfort and length.
Please refer to the "mask donning" document that came with your shipment, or download it here. English | Français | PDF


Is Vivid View an acceptable face covering in all settings?

All private institutions may enforce their own policies regarding face masks. However, Vivid View complies with Canada COVID - 19 non - medical masks and face coverings guidelines.

Guideline under:

  • Hearing impairments & clear masks
  • Face shields


Is the Vivid View a replacement for a medical or cloth mask?

Vivid View is a non - medical mask. 


Vivid View and respiratory resistance?

Vivid View does not engage the cheek bone, mouth, or the chin. Vivid View is not a NIOSH fit tested mask such as a respirator. 


How do I disinfect my mask?

Wash mask with hand soap and water for 30 seconds, then pat dry. Alternatively, clean mask with federally approved alcohol - based disinfectants as per their instructions.


Vivid View durability?

Vivid View is manufactured with FDA approved PET plastic and is recyclable. PET is transparent, fog resistant and is highly resistant to biodegradation, therefore it can last for years. However when subject to UV radiation PET can break down quicker. Always replace when damaged or deformed, and please recycle the mask. 

    PET is 100% recyclable


What are the specifications of the Vivid View mask?

  • Dimensions: Metric: 99 x 140 x 0.3mm / Imperial: 4 x 5 1/2 x 0.12in.
  • Material: Transparent fog resistant PET (polyethylene terephthalate)
  • Cord: Adjustable 3mm spandex/nylon elastic cord for maximum comfort
  • Vivid View Total weight: Approximately 8g / 0.29 oz. (a common blue disposable face mask weighs approximately 3g / 0.11oz.)


Can I wear Vivid View with glasses?

Yes. Vivid View does not engage the face other than the nose and cheeks. While wearing Vivid View, regular breathing does not affect or fog up glasses. Heavy breathing will impact glasses as they will fog up temporarily. The fogging up effect is not unique to Vivid View as other common masks have similar results.


Do you have the Vivid View mask available for children?

We are currently working on a scaled down model.


Is the Vivid View mask completely anti - fog?

No. Even high quality anti - fog coating washes off over time. Condensation on the inside surface of the mask causes fogging. This usually happens as a result of the air between the mask being warmer than the air outside of the mask. Keeping the mask clean is the preferred way to limit it from fogging up. Alternatively you can apply a very thin layer of soap or anti-fog solution to prevent fogging further. Finally, breathing through your nose ensures very limited fogging overall.


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